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Covid19 Preparedness Plan


With the world staving off illness, The Island Oasis has developed an action plan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 


If anyone is feeling ill in any way (cough, sore throat, fever, loss of sense of smell, or any other flu-like symptoms) they will not be allowed to work on the trailer for a minimum of 14 days. We will ask them to self-quarantine and return to work only when all symptoms have subsided or when a doctor says it’s safe to do so. At this time, only owners of the trailer will be working at the trailer. 


Trailer storage, pickup and drop off (commissary details)


The trailer will be picked up and dropped exclusively by Mike. No one will enter the actual commissary at this time. All storage will be done either on board the trailer or within the Rav4 associated with the transport of the trailer. This will minimize contact points with other companies sharing the same commissary location. 




Mike will be the sole person receiving goods. He will solely handle items when received and place them on the trailer. 


Employees/ social distancing


Only members of the owners' household are allowed on the trailer at this time. There are no other employees save for Mike and Catherine. 


Hand washing is readily available on the trailer as well as liquid sanitizer. Employees are required to wash their hands after handling cash and before handling any food products. When Mike and Catherine are both on the trailer, a concerted effort to have one person handle cash and customers and the other to prepare orders will be made. As most of our menu items can be made without physically handling the consumed product, an effort will be made to ensure as little contact with consumable products is made in general. 


Service of Items


Each customer or group will be served Individually with the order area, POS machine, and window ledge being sanitized with Oasis 146 multi quat sanitizer from Ecolab between each order. We have also provided pump hand sanitizer for each customer to use after handling the POS machine should they so choose. These steps are above and beyond the current recommendations made by our Provincial government in BC. 


We ask each customer to remain 1 mètre from our window to adhere to physical distancing (1 mètre of space also available to employees within the trailer by moving back from the counter). When payment is to be presented, employees will back away from the service window to at least the espresso maker to continue adhering to physical distancing protocols. 


Each order will be made on the trailer then walked out the back door and placed on our “socially distant” table, located more than 2 mètres from the service window. We ask each customer to wait until we have stepped away before reaching for their drink. 


Food items will not be handled by anything other than tongs. We are able to portion and serve all of our foodstuffs without actually touching them.  


We will be accepting reusable cups and mugs as long as we have the time to properly wash and sanitize each item. The cups or mugs will be placed on our socially distant table, retrieved by Mike or Catherine, taken to the sink, washed with antibacterial soap (Ecolab Pan Dandy) then sanitized with 146 multi quat liquid sanitizer. 


We are accepting cash payments. Cash is to be placed on our counter, not handed to employees of The Island Oasis. Any change will then be placed on the same counter to be collected by the customer.  Cash transactions will be entirely completed before food is handled. The person who has handled the cash will then wash their hands and completely sanitize the counter the cash was on. 


All small wares and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized daily. We will wash all blenders and other equipment using Ecolab Pan Dandy and sanitizing with both 80 degree Celsius water and diluted 146 multi quat sanitizer. Inside and outside of the trailer will be cleaned with Ecolab Oasis 137 Orange Force and sanitized with multi quat sanitizer. 


The policies outlined here within shall be reviewed by all employees. All provincial guidelines and recommendations from provincial health officers supersede this document. 

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